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Federal Himalaya WS2 Studdable
4.35 out of 5 2 Review(s) | Submit Review
Federal Himalaya WS2 Studdable
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Tire Size: 175/65R14/XL
Serv. Desc: 86T
Sidewall: BW
Max Load: 1168 lbs
SKU: 877G4A
Warranty (mi.) N/A
Availability: Call for availability

Passenger TiresPassenger Tires WinterWinter
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Diameter: 23"   Rim Width: 5"   Tread Width: N/A
Max Inflation: 50 psi   Section Width: 7"   Weight: 18 lbs
Max Load (Dual): N/A   Tread Depth: 13/32"   Ply Rating: N/A
Revs Per Mile: N/A        
More Information
Intersecting main grooves design provides the ice/snow grip and traction needed for the tire to travel on snow covered roads and improves noise performance.
V-shaped groove design enhances the rigidity of the tread pattern to reduce uneven tread wear under heavy load.
Multiple pitch arrangements tested through computer simulations to ensure precise steering and reduce noise while driving on ice/snow.
Wide center rib offers excellent water drainage on wet surfaces.
Zigzag blade increases contact area to snowy surface and enhances grip.
Sizes are available in studdable and studless version.
TTIC: The Total Tire-Tech Integration Concept utilizes computer simulations to optimize tread pattern design, tire profile, materials, and construction for maximum tire performance.
Tire Fashion Tech
Silica Compound: Adding silica to the tread compound has proven to deliver better performance in wet handling, prevent heat build-up, and longer mileage.
Multicell Compound: Multi-cell based rubber compound which decreases instability within cells, thus prevent heat build-up on the tire.
Jointless: By using jointless steel winding method applying on nylon overlays in between the tread and the carcass, it bonds the belt and the tread more rigidly.
Dual-Layer Tread
V Shape: Aggressive uni-directional V shaped lateral groove enhances steering stability as well as lateral drainage and minimizes whirling resistance.
Uni-Directional: Uni-directional tread pattern design which delivers optimum on-center performance and provides excellent acceleration.
Wide Shoulder: Wide shoulder provides more stiffness to the tire while enhances water drainage.
Wet Grip: Big-angled grooves design enhances excellent drainage and reinforced performance on wet grip.
Stability: Wide steel belt provides more tread contact to the road, thus increases stability.
Anti-Hydroplaning: Excellent evacuation of water is delivered, thus provides exceptional control and steering on wet surface.
Mud & Snow
Rim Guard: Raised rubber ridge encircling the lower sidewall above the scuff-rib line.
HA Oil Free

4.15 out of 5Submitted by Jared in AB on 9/9/2014
(2008 Subaru Legacy 2.5i Limited)

I have these (not studded) on my Subaru Legacy, and these tires in the snow or on ice are impressive. The only downside is when it warms up, they will slide a bit on warm pavement when braking hard - Because of the soft compounds. I couldn't imagine how good they'd be studded. I would buy them again for any passenger car or SUV.

Would Buy Again 5/5   Hydroplaning Resistance 4/5  
Wet Traction 4/5   Cornering Stability 4/5  
Dry Traction 3/5   Steering Response 4/5  
Snow Traction 5/5        

4.55 out of 5Submitted by Rahul in AB on 9/8/2014
(2008 Hyundai Tucson GLS)

I really like the performance of the tires on my SUV. That`s why I am interested to purchase these tires again.

Would Buy Again 5/5   Hydroplaning Resistance 4/5  
Wet Traction 4/5   Cornering Stability 4/5  
Dry Traction 5/5   Steering Response 5/5  
Snow Traction 5/5        

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